Who is Quest Academy?

After waves of refugees coming to Europe from the Middle East, there is a historic opportunity to share the Bible with them. While there is a spiritual movement targeting Middle Easterners within a cultural context different from their original culture, we found that the need is still great There is a gap between the needs of the Middle Easterners and what the European local churches offer, and the key is cultural understanding.


The founders of the Academy were born and raised within the Islamic culture in the Middle East and know it well. They realize that the differences between the European Church and those from Muslim backgrounds goes beyond just language. So we are here to work with local churches and participate in solving this puzzle by filling this void through our programs and activities.

Therefore, there is a great general calling for the Arab believers, including those from an Islamic or atheist past, to share their faith and to stand in the gap, and bear witness to God’s work for Arabs in Europe. There is no doubt that you are called to participate in this divine work, that there is a role and place for you, but how will you equip yourself to respond to this call?

Quest Academy takes you on a journey to learn and gain new spiritual experiences and skills in the field of mission work, within the European context. In this academy you are not just the recipient, but you are involved in the learning process through practical assignments and discussions.

It is an academy where we will walk on a journey across different cultures, and learn how to be the bridge, connecting and transferring, between shifting Arab culture and an ever-changing Western world. Our multi-national skilled speakers with both teaching and direct sending experience will be drawn from both Arab and European communities.

Our Mission: Develop leaders with the character and competences needed for ministering effectively in multicultural contexts.

Core Values

Whether the students are new or mature believers, we encourage others be transformed by the Word and Spirit of God to become more like Christ.
Governed by a Board of Directors, we are members of a global network of academic institutions guaranteeing excellence in educational objectives and financial responsibilities.
Whether students are engaging online or inperson, the learning process is deepened in relationships journeying with other leaders who are actively participating in a cohort group.
Experienced trainers will include Arab, Persian, African, and Asian leaders alongside Europeans and North and Latin Americans to embody the multicultural principles being taught to others.
Ministry projects and research will be grounded in developing innovative solutions to everyday challenges in life and ministry.
For students with varying language proficiency, courses, discussion groups, and assignments will be offered in various languages.
The strength of our training comes from a global network and cooperation with shared vision and objectives.
As a majority of Quest Academy leaders are scattered across Europe and border regions, trainings are held online.
We establish partnerships with a diverse network of churches and mission organisations.
Quest Academy is not a self-study or distance learning program but a learning laboratory for building relationships beyond the classroom.


Quest Academy training is focused on equipping three major target groups—European leaders, migrant leaders, and missionaries. To challenge a wide variety of students, various pathways will be offered for the program. Some may choose to participate on a certificate basis while others may be interested in more formal academic training. The higher programmes which are internationally recognised will be graded and credits can be transferred towards a future programme of study elsewhere. These courses will carry the credibility of a highly respected mission training college.