Building the Bridge

Level of Study: Certificate

Overview: The program has been built to equip, teach and coach the participants in their way of relating to Muslims.

Duration: 1 Year

Method of Delivery: Online and Hybrid

Languages Provided: English

Course Overview: This program, taught exclusively by Muslim-Background Christians from the Middle East and missionaries who served in Africa and the Middle East, has been carefully designed to provide Christian leaders in Europe with the knowledge, insight, skills and mindset needed to relate with Muslims in a new, well informed, empathic, significant, respectful and therefore strategic fashion. The program will enrich church and ministry leaders in their intercultural skills, enable them to help their own churches grow in the field of intercultural awareness, the ability to share the Good News across cultural barriers, and love and serve all people of Muslim backgrounds better.

Example Classes:

 Introduction to Islam and Muslim world view
History of the Church in the Middle East
Inter-cultural Missional Church
Christian Apologetics in a Muslim Context
Mission principles and evangelism
And more