Diploma of Missions and Intercultural Studies

Level of Study: Diploma

Overview: The Diploma of Missions and Intercultural Studies aims at building the capacities of students in reference to the history and methodologies of missions as carried during the Christian history.

Duration: 2 years with 6 modules in each year.

Method of Delivery: Online and Hybrid

Languages Provided: Arabic and Persian

Course Objectives:

  • By the end of this course, the student will be able to understand the Biblical basis for mission, the history of Christian missions and the different methodologies employed throughout the history up to the present.
  • Students will learn the advantages and disadvantages of every missional model, and how each one could fit in different society/culture.
  • Part of the certificate is to practice real missional outreach in a specific community throughout Europe, where participants will be able to apply their knowledge to the targeted community.

Example Classes:

Biblical Foundation
Spiritual Formation
Systematic Theology
World Missions
Missions among Muslims
Missional Anthropology
Church History
Buisness for Missions
And More