our Programs

Why We Teach

Quest Academy is designed for training leaders primarily from non-Christian backgrounds now living and serving in Europe to effectively minister in intercultural contexts. It is also designed for Europeans to effectively minister in intercultural contexts with multi-cultural curriculum and instruction preparing workers for missional ministry rather than monocultural settings or viewing missions as separate field of study.

In Quest Academy, we offer various programs that uses academic knowledge and practical trainings to create real academic weight. All our courses are designed to train students into serious academic theological studies with an eye on how to practice the knowledge they gain in their local churches.

Our Programs:

Disciples Making Disciples

A Discipleship Series designed to give new believers a solid biblical foundation upon which to begin their life as Christ-follower.

Diploma of Missions
and Intercultural Studies

Developing leaders to lead outreach, evangelism and discipleship ministries effectively in multicultural contexts.

Building the Bridge

This program has been carefully designed to provide Christian leaders in Europe with the knowledge, insight, skills and mindset needed to relate with Muslims in a new, well informed, empathic, significant, respectful and therefore strategic fashion.